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Inclusive Systemic Evaluation: Case Studies from the Americas and the Caribbean
Evaluation Methods
Organized by ONU Mujeres
Co-Organized by Co-organizers of this webinar are UN Women, FOCELAC Costa Rica as well as two Colombian Young Emerging Evaluators and their mentor, Ellen Lewis, co-author of the ISE4GEMs methodology.
This is a co-organized webinar that will introduce ISE4GEMs; a methodology designed to work with the intersecting complexities of gender equality, environmental conservation (as well as habitability) and the inclusion of marginalized voices (human and non-human). The relevance of this topic directly supports the Agenda 2030 of “leaving no-one behind”, using systems thinking and transdisciplinary theories (e.g. evaluation, feminist, sustainability, development, intersectionality) and practice towards increased grassroots designed social change. Every country is striving to achieve its commitment to the SDGs, particularly considering pernicious gender inequality, violation of human rights and climate change’s impact on human life, flora and fauna. This webinar will serve to deepen the conversation and learning on how to create a systemic theory of change in acknowledgement of these complexities, legitimacy though participatory practices and ethical priorities.

Event Details
Start Date: June 2
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 1 hr 00 Mins
End Date: June 3
End Time: 11:00 AM
City: Ciudad de Panamá
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