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Veronique N. Salze-Lozac'h
Deputy Director General
Independent Evaluation at ADB
What Works, What Doesn’t and Why: Insights from Evaluation will discuss multilateral banks support for agriculture, natural resources, and rural development. ADB's Independent Evaluation Department IED has recently produced a report on ADB support for agriculture, natural resources, and rural development. The panel discussion with center…
Event Proceedings
Main Issues Discussed:Independent Evaluation Department (IED), in partnership with Cambodia Resident Mission, organized a knowledge sharing event to present lessons from IED’s evaluation of ADB's work in agriculture, natural resources and rural development. A presentation by Andrew Brubaker, evaluation co-team leader, was followed by a discussion moderated by Deputy Director General of IED, Véronique Salze-Lozac'h. The discussion highlighted the evolving challenges during climate change and the opportunities presented as the economy continues to grow. Participants emphasized the importance of adopting a coordinated approach to the sector and agreed on the importance of creating a supportive environment for private sector development.
Conclusions:The Government of Cambodia is focusing on modernizing and commercializing the sector to improve productivity. It was agreed that an integrated approach led by the government with support from donors is needed to facilitate this. Strategic actions suggested include: 1) building a "policy bridge" to link agriculture and water sectors; 2) ensuring a favorable and inclusive environment; and 3) collaborating among government, private sector, local communities and development partners. At the operational level, suggested actions include: 1) enhancing irrigation infrastructure; 2) developing value chains and supporting infrastructure to link production and markets; and 3) enhancing capacity to use existing agriculture-smart technologies. 
Follow-up Actions:The ADB is currently preparing its next country program strategy (CPS) with the Government of Cambodia, focusing on accelerating diversification and sustainability for the agriculture sector. Ministries of Water and Agriculture discussed increasing coordination as both work closely with ADB. Closer consultation with all the stakeholders will enable a more holistic and integrated approach to address complex issues of the sector. Findings from the evaluation and other related evaluations may also be used for designing the subsequent country strategy.
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Speaker, Presenter, or Instructor
Veronique N. Salze-Lozac'h
Independent Evaluation at ADB
Deputy Director General
Short Biography
Véronique is an economist with a political science background, and has worked on foreign direct investments, inclusive growth, private sector development, and policy reforms in Africa and Asia. Prior to joining ADB, Veronique was Senior Director of Economic Development at Asia Foundation.