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Mihir Bhaskar
Research Associate
Given that attendees work with data on a day-to-day basis, the talk aims to provide a systematic way of thinking about data quality from a research and data-use perspective. With examples from real admin datasets in the state, the talk will cover: definition of good quality data, different data types/sources and how quality issues may vary…
Event Proceedings
Main Issues Discussed:The event highlighted a number of pertinent issues that are central to ensuring data quality for Tamil Nadu e - Governance Agency (TNeGA). The topics discussed include: 1) what is meant by 'good quality' data - a broad framework for understanding what a variable/dataset is measuring; 2) specific types of issues with administrative data, and how to measure/capture them; and 3) factors affecting quality of data, and how to improve/document these going forward.
Conclusions:The event highlighted the need for Tamil Nadu e - Governance Agency (TNeGA) to provide recommendations to other departments for improving data quality, when the agency takes up projects, and to be mindful of data quality considerations in their own work.
Total Participants: 30
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Organized by Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency
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The Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency falls under the Information Technology Department of the state government of Tamil Nadu, and was formed with the vision of "using Information Technology in Governance and delivery of services to public at their doorsteps."
Speaker, Presenter, or Instructor
Mihir Bhaskar
Research Associate
Short Biography
Mihir works on several projects under J-PAL's engagement with the Government of Tamil Nadu with a focus on improving the quality, access and use of administrative data. Prior to joining J-PAL in 2017, he earned a Bachelor's in Arts in Economics from the University of Cambridge.